My Platform

My Platform

Our city government needs to be involved in work that will bring change to our workforce. I want to see our city as a place people and businesses want to relocate to. A healthy trained workforce is the key; along with good productive industry.

I want to work locally to see that we prepare our youth and young adults for jobs that are available. If you afford me the opportunity to continue representing you on the Fayetteville City Council, I will work to:

  • Encourage local employer participation in on-the-job training and apprenticeship training.
  • Focus on industry specific training developed by local employers.
  • Encourage screening and other enhancements to improve workforce attractiveness.
  • Focus on transportation usage that is complementary of our workforce and industry.
  • Encourage incubators for entrepreneurship training.
  • Encourage small business development.
  • Target ex-offender and troubled youth for training and retraining.
  • Boost the relationship between the city, Chamber of Commerce, Fayetteville Technical Community College, Fayetteville State University and other training sources.

I will continue to serve as a council person to make simple what has become a difficult task far too long overlooked in our community. The idea that this city can be a great place to live is what I want to do as a city council representative.

It is important that we create an environment where people want to be a part of a city where the citizens have good jobs, homes, and families. A place where we can see a future for our family members to live, work, and grow generation after generation.

The number one issue is JOBS. The creation and development of good jobs in Fayetteville will assure we are a community of History, Heroes, and Hometown feeling. I want to help make Fayetteville a place everybody wants to be, because this is a great place to work and raise our families.

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